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Tsukiji Clinic Cosmos joined Japanese Oncothermia Research Meeting.
We have released the website of Japanese Oncothermia Research Meeting.
Summary of Presentations of ”The 1st Conference on Oncothermia in Japan”
The 1st Conference on Oncothermia in Japan was held

About us

Hyperthermia is a treatment with expected efficacy regardless of the types of cancer and has low risk of adverse reactions. For this reason, hyperthermia is performed as a multidisciplinary treatment.
Oncothermia was subsequently developed together with hyperthermia in Hungary. It was designed to heighten its efficacy to tumors located in the deeper parts of the body with less energy and is a result of new theories and technologies put in practical use. Oncothermia is used in the clinical settings not only in Hungary but also in 30 countries including Germany and Korea; however, it is not yet approved in Japan.
For this reason, this research meeting was established to collect and share the clinical results of oncothermia in Japan and analyze its clinical efficacy so that oncothermia will be considered as an option in the treatment of cancer in the near future.

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