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The treatment will be indicated to patients with solid tumor, which has been proven to be the tissue type of malignant tumor, who are not expected to have prolonged survival period when undergoing the scientifically proven traditional treatment methods (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy) covered by insurance.
This includes:
(1) Patients who have intractable conditions to the standard treatment.
(2) Patients who are not able to undergo standard treatment due to high risks of complications.
(3) Patients who are refusing standard treatments with concern for adverse reactions.
The treatment is indicated to solid tumor of all tissue types; however, some institutions may not be able to provide treatment. Please consult the treatment-related institutions for the specific method of treatment.

Treatment Area: Type of cancer
Head: Treatment for Metastatic Brain Tumor, Malignant Brain Tumor, others and Recurrent cancer
Head and Neck: Treatment for cancer at Brain (inside skull), Head except eye balls, and Cervix.
Chest: Treatment for cancer at chest such as Lung cancer, Breast cancer and Esophageal cancer etc., at primary lesion, and for Metastatic cancer (lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis) and recurrent cancer.
Abdomen/Pelvis: Treatment for cancer at Abdomen・Pelvis such as Pancreatic cancer, Liver cancer, Digestive cancer (Stomach cancer, Colorectal cancer etc.), Gynecologic cancer (Uterine cancer, Ovarian cancer etc.), Prostatic cancer, Metastatic cancer (lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis) and Recurrent cancer.
Bone and Soft tissue: Treatment for cancer (sarcoma) at bone and soft tissue (fat, muscle, blood vessel, nerve etc.), metastatic cancer (lymph node metastasis, remote metastasis) and recurrent cancer.
Skin: Treatment for cancer at skin such as Skin cancer, Metastatic cancer (lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis) and recurrent cancer.

Method of consultation at each institution

Toyama University Hospital

Flow of Oncothermia treatment not covered by insurance

To have Oncothermia treatment, you are advised to first have an outpatient appointment and your Oncothermia doctor will be appointed.

our patients

Through your present doctor, please make an outpatient appointment for respective Oncothermia treatments.

Oncothermia doctors

Lung cancer Internal Medicine I Respiratory disease doctor
Breast cancer Internal Medicine II Dr. Nagata
Ovarian, Uterine cancer Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Shima
Hematologic Malignancy Hematology Dr. Sato
Bone and soft tissue tumor Orthopedics Dr. Kanamori
Dr. Yasuda
Dr. Suzuki
Patients with a letter of referral from other hospital

Through the regional cooperation office at the hospital you are currently attending, please make an inquiry to Medical Wellness Support Center. For outpatient treatments from outside, please bring a letter of referral, imaging data etc. from your doctor.
Medical Wellness Support Center 
Tel 076(434)7798

Please be advised that all kinds of cancers cannot be always treated, and that some departments do not provide treatment not covered by insurance.

Oncothermia treatment only by appointment
Fee : Yen 5,000/time (+tax)
Your present doctor
For our patients, Oncothermia outpatient appointment is made by your present doctor.
For patients coming from outside, the letter of referral needs to be made by your doctor.
Appointment of your Oncothermia doctor and the first treatment
Your Oncothermia doctor is appointed.
Indication is considered and treatment will be done according to the doctor’s instructions. The doctor will explain about the treatment.
Then, the first appointment for Oncothermia is made (12:30~).
Start of Oncothermia treatment
At the first treatment (12:30~), your Oncothermia doctor will be with you and confirm the treatment area and method.
And a coordinator will supplement the explanation related to Oncothermia, and prepare the treatment consent letter.
Then the treatment will start according to the doctor’s instructions.
Patients without a letter of referral

Patients who have no letter of referral or do not know which department to go or who want to consult about treatments, please contact Cancer Consultation Support Center. Family of cancer patients is also welcome. The information on free consultation date by doctors will be available.

Cancer Consultation Support Center Tel

Consultation date by doctors every 1st,3rd Monday 
at Hohoemi Salon, 
3F Outpatient ward

Utsunomiya Central Clinic

he “Second Opinion Outpatient Department (outpatient treatment)” is the outpatient department in charge at the hospital.
*About the outpatient treatment(the website of Utsunomiya Central Clinic
Please ring to make an appointment with Dr. Sato.
Phone: +81-28-657-6700
Transition to treatment will be made smoother if you are able to bring diagnostic imaging data and patient referral document (letter of referral).
If you are bringing the examination data on the day of your visit, you may be required to wait until consultation because images need to be scanned first.
We recommend the data to be sent to us by post beforehand.

Funato Clinic

Treatment is available for all solid cancers. However, you will be required to visit a special outpatient department for cancer patients (Reborn Outpatient Department) prior to consultation.
Please ring the clinic and make a reservation with the Reborn Outpatient Department.
Phone: +81-584-35-3335 (contact: Ihara)

Tsukiji Clinic Cosmos

Treatment is available for all solid cancers including mainly head.
For consultations, please contact us by phone TEL 03-6226-3698.
For treatment details, please log on to our official web page.
=>the website of Tsukiji Clinic Cosmos

For inquiries to our clinic, you can use the inquiry form on this web.
However, please be informed that our contact will be made by phone.
Thank you very much for your understanding.