JORM Japanese Oncothermia Research Meeting

Japanese Oncothermia Research Meeting


Japanese Oncothermia Research Meeting (JORM)
Articles of Association (draft)

Article 1. Name

The name of the Association shall be the Japanese Oncothermia Research Meeting (JORM).

Article 2. Purpose

The purpose of the Association shall be to contribute to improving the quality of cancer therapy through scientifically demonstrating the efficacy and safety of oncothermia therapy, developed by Dr. Andras Szasz of Hungary, as a successor to hyperthermia equipment for treating cancer. While oncothermia therapy uses less energy than traditional hyperthermia equipment and is said to be effective for shrinking tumors located deep in the body, it does not yet have a sufficient track record in Japan, and oncothermia equipment is not yet approved for medical use. Accordingly, the Association will collect and share information on clinical records in Japan and analyze their results.

Article 3. Operations

To achieve the purpose described in Article 2, the Association will conduct the following operations:
• Collecting and sharing clinical data on oncothermia therapy in Japan and analyzing their results
• Holding Oncothermia Research Meetings
• Providing information on oncothermia therapy
• Other operations that could contribute to achievement of the purposes of the Association

Article 4. Secretariat
  1. To facilitate smooth management of the Association, a Secretariat shall be established inside the Department of Human Sciences (1) of the Graduate School of medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toyama.
  2. The Secretariat shall carry out tasks such as administration, communication, coordination, planning, and proposal as necessary to the management of the Association.
Article 5. Membership and dues
  1. Membership in the Association shall be open to persons who agree with the purpose described in Article 2, as clinical physician members, general members, and supporting members.
  2. Clinical physician members shall be physicians participating in oncothermia therapy and shall register their clinical data with the Association.
  3. General members may join the Japanese Oncothermia Research Meeting (the Association) and receive information on oncothermia therapy.
  4. Supporting members shall provide administrative support as partners of the Association.
  5. Members shall not be charged any annual dues, and participation in the Research Meeting shall be free of charge, with no accounting or auditing thereof conducted. However, any costs incurred shall be borne by the parties involved (beneficiaries).
  6. Those desiring to join or withdraw from the Association shall notify the Secretariat thereof. However, the membership of members who cannot be contacted for three years or longer shall be withdrawn automatically.
Article 6. Officers
  1. One Chairperson, one Deputy Chairperson, and a small number of Directors shall be appointed as officers of the Association.
  2. Officers shall be selected from among, and appointed by, the members of the Association.
  3. The term of office of an officer shall be two years, eligible for renewal.
Article 7. Selection of officers
  1. The Chairperson shall be selected with the approval of the General Meeting.
  2. The Deputy Chairperson shall be nominated by the Chairperson from among the members and selected with the approval of the General Meeting.
  3. Directors shall be nominated by the Chairperson from among the members and selected with the approval of the General Meeting.
Article 8. General Meeting
  1. The Association shall establish a General Meeting, consisting of the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson, Directors, and members.
  2. The General Meeting shall deliberate on selection of Directors, amendment of the Articles of Association, and other matters.
  3. Resolutions shall be passed with the approval of a majority of members of the General meeting (not including the Chairperson).
  4. When a resolution is supported and opposed by equal numbers of members, the Chairperson shall cast the deciding vote.
Article 9. Duties of Directors
  1. The Chairperson shall execute duties as the representative of the Association. He or she shall convene meetings of the Board of Directors as necessary.
  2. Urgent matters, minor matters, and other matters as deemed appropriate by the Chairperson may be deliberated on and approved through communication in writing or by email.
  3. The Deputy Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson and perform the duties of the Chairperson in his or her absence.
  4. Directors shall execute practical administration of the Association.
Article 10. Activities report

The Secretariat shall submit an activities report to the General Meeting once annually.

Article 11. Holding Research Meetings

The Association shall convene a Research Meeting at least once a year, as an opportunity for communication of information among members. The dates, times, and locations of Research Meetings shall be decided based on motions proposed by the Chairperson.

Article 12. Amendment of these Articles

Resolutions on amendment of these Articles shall conform to the provisions of Paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 9.

Article 13. Other matters

Matters necessary to the management of the Association other than those stipulated in these Articles shall be decided on by the Chairperson in consultation with the General Meeting.

Additional provision

These Articles shall take effect beginning on the date of the Association's first General meeting (____ _____,_____).

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